The Dying:What do they think abt as...?

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The Dying:What do they think abt as...?
Thu, 09-30-2010 - 9:46am

My brother in law is dying of a lung condition. :(

For some reason, I think a lot lately about him & WHAT he must be thinking ---- and try to understand.

OF course, I can't ask - but has anyone ever heard anyone who is dying - relay - what do you think about? What is your perspective, knowing that you will not be here in a few months?

I'm 44, but never have really been around someone who is in process & also, where it is going to take a few months. I've only known people to die suddenly - or to have a very brief illness before dying.

And, while I'm at it - HOW DO WE HOLD IT TOGETHER - WHEN WE ARE AROUND SUCH PEOPLE? I can't seem to do it - I can't control my emotions & then I feel like I can't be around the person & then, I suspect, they feel a little bad b/c some people avoid them for similar reasons (& that they don't want the inevitable death to hurt as much)....

Any thoughts out there?

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Thu, 09-30-2010 - 3:23pm


welcome to the board.

I am sorry, I really feel I can't answer this question for you right now as it is too closely linked to one of my losses. I think we all stayed strong and kept faith that he could beat it. He crammed as many things into life as he could and we knew and lived every day like the gift they were.

I am sorry I really can't tell you more . It is not because I don't want to share with you but the pain is still too sharp over some things and this is one of them

In Gentleness


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