Who posted they feared dying w/kids?

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Who posted they feared dying w/kids?
Wed, 09-08-2010 - 3:41pm
Did I dream this or did someone post recently about having a baby & toddler & they feared they would die leaving the children unattended? I have tried to use the search engine to find the post, but w/out success.
To whomever posted that concern, you are NOT alone! When I was anxious, I also had this fear. Others have reported it. Awhile back, iVillage had a chat feature. We would get together & chat about our concerns. When this subject was brought up, one of our members said, "even the old lady in the trailer w/a huge number of cats is found by the postman when she doesn't pick up her mail."
This is a very serious concern for us & what the chatter said is a bit simplistic, but it IS true to a point. Someone will find us. Kids are pretty resilient. When we read about it in the news, the kids are ok. Keeping things in perspective, most moms who have small children are not in the age range where sudden death is common. I found comfort in putting my kids in God's hands. Once I panicked @ a theme park w/2 small kids in tow. I felt weak & certain that I would pass out. I asked an older couple w/nice faces to keep my kids safe since I didn't feel well. I didn't pass out, BTW. I got through the attack & the ppl took good care of my kids & even called the park medical team. Later, I felt foolish but thankful that things worked out ok.
So, if you were the one who posted, I understand your fear. It is scary! It *could* happen. Chances are good, it won't. It's another situation where we have no control & this is frightening. It will be ok. Hope for the best. Keep in the present & think positively. You are NEVER alone. GL & GBU! (((hugs))) jan