Please Help!

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Please Help!
Tue, 09-14-2010 - 8:58pm

Hello everyone,

I really need some advice. I know this probably not the right board to discuss this on but here it goes...

I was late having my period, which isn't abnormal for me since my cycle is irregular, however it seemed to me like I was abnormally late. I have an IUD (Paraguard) but still worried that I might be pregnant, so I decided to wait two more weeks for my period to come before taking a pregnancy test. Well my period came the next week, but it only lasted for the normal length of time but was very lite. Then a week later I started my period again only this time it was gushing. It was so hard I bleed through two pairs of pants! This was really scary but the bleeding started to subside afterworlds.
I was still bleeding the next day so I called Kaiser and the advice nurse had me come down right away. I got an exam and a urine pregnancy test done. The doctor thought I was having and early miscarriage. The test came back negative so I was examined for cysts and fibroids but nothing was found.

Has anyone ever had anything like this ever happen to them before? Could this have been and early miscarriage?

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Tue, 09-14-2010 - 11:17pm
Welcome to the Women's Health board, pink_birdie. It's fine for you to post here about what happened, along with your followup questions.

Based on your description, it does sound as though you might have had an early miscarriage. As my doctor explains it, early miscarriage occurs with surprising frequency, and many women don't realize that is what is happening; they think they're having a heavy period.

The ParaGard IUD is about 99 percent effective — which means there's a 1 in 100 chance of getting pregnant while it's in place. The odds are small, but it is possible.

If I were you, my next move would be to schedule an appointment for a complete gynecological exam. Certainly, the IUD should be checked to make sure it is still properly inserted.

Don't worry, pink_birdie, you're not alone, and you don't have to go through this alone. We're here to answer any questions we can, offer advice if you ask, and just to listen if that's what you need. I wish you all the best.