Drill reaches trapped Chile miners

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Drill reaches trapped Chile miners
Sat, 09-18-2010 - 9:37am

Clear video at link......


In Chile, rescuers say they've completed the drilling of the first part of a shaft which will be used to bring the men trapped in the collapsed mine back to the surface.

The 12 inch wide hole has reached the cavern where the men are trapped.

A larger drill bit will now be used to make the shaft wide enough to pull the men to safety.

A special meal is being sent down to the miners so they can celebrate Chile's bicentenary, but the authorities say they will not be allowed to have the red wine which traditionally accompanies the feast.

Inside The Mine

The 33 trapped miners have more room to move around than most people think. In addition to the main room, in which they regularly gather, they have a number of adjacent tunnels, as sketched out on a napkin, below, and sent up by one of the men.........