Forget Politics in 2010-2011

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Forget Politics in 2010-2011
Fri, 09-17-2010 - 5:15pm

Forget Politics in 2010; this is all about economics in 2010-2011. Congress be damned……

The run up in commercial real estate valuations fueled significantly by accessible, cheap debt is over. The recession cannot be accurately assessed or understood as another cyclical review. Those historical metrics will not afford us any insight or solution to the current malaise. There is well documented and wide spread deleveraging and re-evaluations under way. So what is anything worth in this volatile market? We hear, “A return to Basics” is necessary; and how can we effectively our historical perspective based on thirty-five (35) years of hard ball dealings in major national markets as a developer; a commercial broker; an asset manager for a major private REIT; and portfolio manager for a high net worth minerals-based family from Fort Worth who has successfully transitioned and diversified into real estate as a relatively risk-averse investment portfolio.