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So I've been a little busy tonight playing catch up on my posting. I have to say that I miss you ladies a lot lately, but I've been spending so little time on the computer lately. Quite a change from being in front of the thing almost all day, every day. I have both good news and bad news to report tonight so I'll just get right to it.

First for the good news. As of September 8th I am a working woman again! I received a call back on an application I sent out back in June, went on the interview the following morning and started working that evening! After almost 15 months of being unemployed I must admit it's quite an adjustment to adhere to schedules, transit times and work uniforms again. But I'm just so ecstatic to have found a job. The timing couldn't have been better and, although my eating habits are down the drain again, I know it'll just be a little more time for the dust to settle and I'll get back on track.

The last time I weighed myself I'd gained 2 lbs back and I haven't weighed-in since. But my new job requires a patrol in the last hour of my shift so I am still getting exercise. It's not much help when I'm ordering chinese food and pizzas for dinner but it would be much worse without the exercise. I've also started taking my hand weights to work so I'm able to do upper body strength training when traffic dies down in the last couple of hours of the evening.

Now for the bad news. When I crawled into bed last night I was just about to doze off when I felt a familiar biting on my wrist (which was under my pillow). I feared bed bugs but couldn't verify it since our sheets are dark brown so I slept in the recliner last night. Tonight DH and I did an examination of our new bed and found a new, but small, bed bug nest forming with about half a dozen of them roaming around. There's no way to tell if there were eggs or babies around because they're both white and so is our bed. Thankfully we still have the sprays we bought from earlier in the year so we soaked down both the bed and box spring to kill the ones we saw. The exterminator is coming first thing in the morning and we're going to have him soak it with his industrial strength spray as well.

I think I've mentioned before that we were fighting this infestation for the first half of the year. We believed it was under control, after 4 foggings of the house and 2 exterminator treatments. For the last couple of months I've been getting random bites (maybe once every couple of weeks) but they were so intermittent I thought it could be fleas from our dog. When we sprayed down the bed tonight and that smell hit my nose, well it was a form of nostalgia that I never want to have again. My biggest fear now is that we're moving in a week and I'll be damned if these bastards are going to hitch a ride and follow us to the new place. We're going to be leaving behind or throwing away our bedroom furniture set (which is 90% wicker - it's too easy for them to hide in) and I'm going to be washing everything we own, even if it's clean, before loading it directly into my car or the moving van. I'm NOT going to be dealing with this in a new apartment, nor will I expose our two best friends (also our new roommates) to this problem. It got so bad in March/April that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

In other news, we still haven't heard back about the paternity claim but I made DH call them yesterday to find out the process of an address change. Just waiting is driving me nuts but I'm taking the direction of "no news is good news" for now.

And that's my current life in a nutshell. I'll be frequenting the board more once the move is done and the dust settles. I'm thinking and praying for you all constantly!


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Ditto on that!

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Sorry to hear about the bed bugs, but congratulations on the job. It's great to hear your future roommates are also your best friends, but there is always strain with roommates---remember patience. I speak from experience. Years ago, I moved into the home of one of my best friends who also happened to be my employee. It made for a few awkward situations.

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