Weekly goals, September 20, 2010

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Weekly goals, September 20, 2010
Mon, 09-20-2010 - 1:17pm
Another week has passed and what have we accomplished? Did we get our to-do lists al crossed off? Or is there something carrying over to this week?

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Mon, 09-20-2010 - 1:20pm

Last week, I wanted to accomplish the following:

1. Pick up CSA delivery between 3 and 7 on Tuesday === DONE

2. Stamping Demonstration === took a vacation from stamping. Mary and Janice wanted to go to ArtfulTuesday but that didn't really appeal to me.

3. Stitchery - work on the September Bead Journal Project (NOT) and stitch on "Witches Wheel" (DONE)

4. Housecleaner comes on Wednesday === DONE

5. Bills (quarterly taxes are due --- DH called financial advisor and got the money transferred) (DONE) and financial records (NOT)

So this week, not much different… I've already phoned in prescription renewals and DH has picked them up.

1. Pick up CSA delivery between 3 and 7 on Tuesday

2. Stamping Demonstration

3. Stitchery - work on the September Bead Journal Project and stitch on "Witches Wheel"

4. Housecleaner comes on Wednesday

5. Haircut on Thursday

6. Bills and financial records

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Mon, 09-20-2010 - 11:37pm


1 Mon. was last day to watch DGrDs after school. DS returned home from shoulder surgery late afternoon, seemed in good shape. A neighbor will pick up & drop off girls, as he will be home for many weeks. DONE

2 Plan nautical themed quilt for living room. The fabric is out on my table so I can get ideas of which patterns should be small pieces, etc. NOPE

3 Weds. - accompany reluctant DH on annual hearing test. His aids need repairs & he's so darn stubborn about this. I just made the appt. & reminded him that he insisted I have the dreaded mammo, so he can put up with this. His hearing has gotten so bad that even going dancing is iffy. The digital aids need to be reprogrammed regularly, but he just ignores it. Another GRRR moment. - DONE, aids were adjusted, test showed no further hearing loss, just needed the digital aids retuned on the computer. He is hearing much better now.

4 Memorial svc. for a friend of DH about 40 miles from here. I may stay home & enjoy the quiet. DONE

5 Go to gym for aerobic machine use Mon/Weds/Thurs. DONE

6 As helmet has arrived, I'm ready to hit the streets on my scooter, Betty Boop. - DONE. I have learned to park it in the shade. We are having a heat wave here and the seat gets mighty hot.

7 If DH's hearing improves, there's a ballroom dance 30 miles down the highway on Sat. eve. DANCE WAS CANCELED.

8 Birthday party for our 3 yr old DGrGrD on Sunday. Will be in forest preserve area - DGrD has finally realized it's way too much to have all the people in her little house. DONE. Good fun for all. I took younger DGrDs with me, as DS is still recovering and DDIL was swamped with household chores. Only bad part is everyone is miserable today with allergies from being out in the woods.


1 Got to gym Mon/Wed/Fri. Going to try early afternoon instead of AM. Since I retired, I just hate going anywhere in the morning.

2 Pick up DGrDs from school on Tues & take to town for haircuts.

3 Make a planning board for my first quilt-from-scratch project, the lap quilt

4 Take youngest DGrD to her soccer game on Thursday, stay for game.

5 Just unearthed bank statement from Aug, so I'd better balance it soon.


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Tue, 09-21-2010 - 12:37pm
I know what you mean about mornings and being retired. I never was much of a morning person anyway, so when I don't HAVE to be up and about at 5AM, it's hard to get me up at all before 9! LOL

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