Weekly goals, September 27, 2010

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Weekly goals, September 27, 2010
Mon, 09-27-2010 - 2:18pm
Last wek of September, going into a week of read only (October 1 - 5) so how about w do two weeks of goals here...

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Mon, 09-27-2010 - 2:29pm

Last week, my goals were:

1. Pick up CSA delivery between 3 and 7 on Tuesday === DONE

2. Stamping Demonstration === DONE

3. Stitchery - work on the September Bead Journal Project and stitch on "Witches Wheel" === DONE, and finished the bead journal piece

4. Housecleaner comes on Wednesday === DONE

5. Haircut on Thursday === DONE

6. Bills === DONE and financial records === NOT DONE

In addition, we went to a Wine & Cheese event to benefit the city park's latest project on Friday night; and to a performance of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra on Saturday night.

So this week:

Dishwasher is laking so the plumber has just left. Seems we need to call Sears as the door isn't closing on the door gasket and it's leaking from the door! SO DH is online right now with Sears, making an appointment for them to come out...

1. Pick up CSA delivery between 3 and 7 on Tuesday

2. between 8 and 10 - dishwasher repairman!

3. Stamping Demonstration

4. Stitchery - stitch on "Witches Wheel"

5. Housecleaner is going to Florida for her birthday so I need to clean the house myself!

6. Security service technician comes on Thursday (this week is repairman week!)

7. Bills and financial records

8. On October 3, one of DH's HS classmates is renewing her marriage =vows (50 years married). Don't know if we are going or not.

and next week more of the same (assuming nothing else goes wrong!):

1. Pick up CSA delivery between 3 and 7 on Tuesday

2. Stamping Demonstration

3. Stitchery - stitch on "Witches Wheel"

4. Housecleaner will be back

5. Bills and financial records

6. DH's HS Class picnic in our backyard on the weekend, I THINK...

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Tue, 09-28-2010 - 10:15am


1 Got to gym Mon/Wed/Fri. Going to try early afternoon instead of AM. Since I retired, I just hate going anywhere in the morning. DONE - sort of. Mon & Weds went in afternoon. Busier, much more noisy with weight lifters. Under the weather on Fri., so skipped it.

2 Pick up DGrDs from school on Tues & take to town for haircuts. DONE

3 Make a planning board for my first quilt-from-scratch project, the lap quilt NOPE

4 Take youngest DGrD to her soccer game on Thursday, stay for game. NOPE - DS decided to try driving with one arm & wanted to go. Just as well, pollen was really high and the soccer field is in the middle of farm fields being harvested.

5 Just unearthed bank statement from Aug, so I'd better balance it soon. DONE


1 Watch DGrDs on Monday evening while parents go out for anniversary dinner.

2 Two hours of major hair work - low light foiling in my silver hair. New style also.

3 Gym Mon/Weds/Fri.

4 Lunch with friend sometime. She is actually our DGrDs MIL, but we hit it off right away.

5 Straighten sewing room now that all quilt fabrics are pressed & ready for cutting. The piles of fleece for car blankets are taking up so much room, I may just stack them in my car temporarily.

6 New color laser printer should be delivered on Weds., so that will be a big project to get it installed. I hate the way the dust shows when I move a big piece :(

7 DGrD (almost 10) staying overnight on Fri. Sat. will be a sewing session to make tissue cases for her DM & DS upcoming birthdays.


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Tue, 09-28-2010 - 10:34am
Don't even mention dust! If there's dust on my desk, it's worked its way down the piles of clutter but I don't want to know! LOL

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Wed, 09-29-2010 - 2:03am

No idea when the last time I update my goals was, however I'll include some this week.

* Finish research for my political science essay.
* Hand in said essay on time (its due by 5pm Oct 5)
* Get caught up with housework again - I swear anything I do anything about it, it multiplies.
* Finally get some work done on my current cross-stitch project. I've been meaning to work on it for ages, but haven't had time.
* Plan out study for exam - its on Nov 8.

I'm sure that there should be a few more goals in there, but my brain isn't my friend at the moment, so that will have to do.



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Wed, 09-29-2010 - 12:41pm

Well, we won't faut you if you don't visit before that paper is done --- after all, we'll be read-only from October 1 until October 5! That should give you time not only to write but also to prep for your exam without feeling you need to check in here!

Good luck on both, by the way! And enjoy the coming spring weather!

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