Nellie Rose is 8 Months Old....

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Nellie Rose is 8 Months Old....
Fri, 09-24-2010 - 3:39pm
Hey ladies! I haven't been around in a very long time. I'm here with a VERY long overdue update!

I rarely get on iVillage anymore. I put a lot of time into my blog, which used to be called Hope Springs Eternal but is now called Mommy Boots.

So, Nellie is 8 months old.. Which is insane! I can hardly believe that she's so big. She's almost crawling, she sits like a pro and she can say "da da". At her 6 month appointment she was 16 pounds! Time is flying, and I keep begging it to slow down but it doesn't listen. I'm looking forward to Nellie's first holiday season!!!

Here's some pics of my girl...



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Fri, 09-24-2010 - 6:35pm
She's SO cute!

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Mon, 09-27-2010 - 5:36pm
She's adorable! I remember when she was born I think it was right before I got my BFP. Thanks for sharing the pics and update!

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