10 month old - 6 food allergies, help?!?

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10 month old - 6 food allergies, help?!?
Sat, 09-25-2010 - 6:43pm
Well, I found out DS is allergic to Peanuts, Cow's Milk, Egg's, Green Peas, Soy Beans, and Wheat.

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Sun, 09-26-2010 - 4:47pm

Hi there! We're pretty much in the same situation with my ds (13 months), LOTS of allergies (gluten, egg, soya, beef, chicken, milk, plums, tree nuts, I could go on and on)! I make almost all food at home, there is so little choice for babies with multiple allergies. I make up large batches of fruit, veg and meat and freeze it so there's always something in the freezer. It's really not as time consuming as it sounds...

It can be really overwhelming at the beginning. Having to read every single food label can make a quick stop at the grocery store turn into hours and hours.

I found the most difficult part of having an allergic child was that I didn't know anyone else in the same situation and nobody seems to understand how stressful it can be. But this board is great for any questions you have. I wish I'd found it sooner because I had millions at the beginning. I'm starting to get the hang of things now :)


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Mon, 09-27-2010 - 8:39pm

You'll probably want to start making everything yourself. It does sound incredibly overwhelming at first. But, on the positive side, making your own baby food is much cheaper, healthier for the baby, you will be able to give your child more varieties of food, and as your child gets older you'll probably find your whole family eating much healthier!

It is very easy to make your own baby food. If you are a person that likes to have a paper book, check out a couple homemade baby food books from the library. You'll see how many options are available and it will give you ideas when you get in a rut. You can also try wholesomebabyfood.com for recipes or just google "making baby food" and if you do a little research you will learn a lot in a short period of time.

You'll need some type of blender (I have used a magic bullet before but now I just use a regular blender). Then, pick up a couple ice cube trays. You'll cook the food, puree it (generally will have to add a little water), then freeze it in the trays. Once frozen, just plop them out and store them in a ziploc bag. I just thaw them in the microwave before serving, sometimes adding some baby cereal if it is too runny.

Or, if your baby is starting finger foods, you may be able to skip the purees all together (and save yourself the work!). My DD is 9 months and doesn't have food allergies, but my son is allergic to eggs, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. So, just about everything we cook does not include those ingredients. My DD rarely eats baby food or pureed food. I just cut up what we are eating into really small pieces and that's what she eats. Tonight she had sloppy joes, peas and carrots. At lunch she had some of my soup, which included lima beans, chicken, ham, chickpeas, carrots, celery, and onions.

With your son's allergies, you will probably find that you will not be able to eat much processed (canned, boxed, frozen) food. You will be able to find some things, but almost everything my son eats is homemade. I make large batches of soup, pack them with veggies, then freeze them in small portions. My freezer is always packed with food I can thaw and feed him quickly. Things like homemade spaghetti sauce, taco meat, at least two or three types of soup, etc.

It is TOTALLY overwhelming at first, but the good news is that it gets easier with time. There are many good substitutes these days and lots of people in similar situations, so there's always someone that can help!

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 11:26am

Everyone has given you good advice.

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Wed, 01-26-2011 - 9:29am
By now, you're likely trying some solids - which is a blessing. My son was diagnosed with similar allergies at that age. It's tough. I've actually just started a blog to help make life simpler for parents of food allergic children. It's something I wished I could have referred to when I was just starting. Hang in there, it gets easier!