Rave! just got our Britax Boulevard70!

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Rave! just got our Britax Boulevard70!
Fri, 09-10-2010 - 1:45pm

I took my lunch hour and ran out to BRU and traded in our graco snugride & 2 bases got 25% off and used it to buy the new Britax Boulevard70 (RF upto 40lbs, FF upto 70lbs). the total damage was $247.99!!! That's a pretty good price for a britax - unless you're getting one on clearance!

The install was incredibly easy using the seat belt (my car doesn't have latch) and top tether! It took me under 10mins to get it installed securely.

I really wanted to get the radian, after hearing such great things on the board - but we took the cars to the local buybuybaby to see if it would fit but it didn't - so we went back to the Britax, it fits perfectly in my 2000 bmw 323i!

DH is thrilled and so am I - now I won't have sore muscles from lugging ds around in the bucket, he's got to be close to 18lbs by now he's such a little chunk at 5mths!

We still need to get another seat for DH's car - but we can just use my car for family trips until next month. We'll use a bedbath&beyond coupon for 20% off to buy a boulevard for dH's car next month!