several questions for changing needs

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several questions for changing needs
Wed, 09-22-2010 - 5:28am


I have 2 children. My son is 3 1/2, forward facing in a Recaro Signo (purchased winter 2009). My daughter is 15 months rear facing in a Britax Decathlon (purchased winter 2007 for my son). I need to start thinking ahead for my daughter and whatever baby may be the next addition to our family.

Should I move my son up to a booster seat when we're ready for my daughter to be forward-facing and have her sit in the Recaro? Should my son keep his seat and we buy a new one for our daughter? My daughter is currently in the middle seat rear facing (we have a Toyota Sequoia). When we turn her to face forward, we may put her in the outboard position. The Decathlon does not have sufficient protection for side impact (I think they've changed the design since I bought ours), so I'd feel safer if my daughter were in a different seat.

We used the Britax from birth with both of them. We are hoping to have another child, born probably end of 2011. We have been living in the Middle East since winter 2009. Because of the extreme heat the seats have been exposed to being in parked cars in the summer here (outside temp can get to 120) I'd rather replace the seats earlier than the manufacturers recommendations. What do people who live in places like Phoenix and Las Vegas do with their car seats?

We will likely buy an infant car seat for the new baby. Both my children so far have been "hot" babies and both got extremely sweaty, and therefore extremely upset in the Decathlon. I like that the Recaro has vents in the sides to improve air circulation. My son seems very comfortable in it. What infant seat is baby least likely to get overheated in? Especially since the air conditioning vents in cars can't point backwards at baby, and it's their backside (inside the seat) that gets sweaty anyway.

Thanks so much for getting through this long post and for any suggestions you have!

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Wed, 09-22-2010 - 1:18pm

How big is your 15 month old? Do your seats have a 33 or 35lb rear-facing limit?

I know you know about extended rear-facing already, but I'm wondering if you've seen this one minute video: I'm not sure how long your kept your DS rf or how long you intend to keep your DD rf. The answer to this question impacts the answer to your question about putting DS in