what's shaking?!:)

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what's shaking?!:)
Sun, 09-26-2010 - 12:56pm

haha i SWEAR things will get settled here one of these days!!!! John decided to take thurs and friday off to make a little 4 day weekend and has had the laptop glued to him the entire time we are not out doing something. SO- that leaves me with no way to play :(

Things are good here:)! I have less that EIGHT weeks to go!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Still on the mad hunt to find someone to watch missy Piper while I am in the hospital. one of the girls from my ec is a doll and sent me a list form her back up baby sitter database at work:) yaaay. now many many phone calls. so sucks neither mom is willing to come out here to watch her for us. maybe when i "mention" finding a sitter one will shape up and be a good grandma:)

how is everyone here?!!? getting all geared up for fall? :) anyone doing any fun apple or pumpkin picking coming up?

i miss my mamas!



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