How did you announce your pregnancy?

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How did you announce your pregnancy?
Sun, 09-26-2010 - 12:15pm

Did you announce your pregnancy in a creative, fun or unique way? iVillage is putting together a story about fun and creative ways to announce pregnancy and would love to hear from board members.

How I Announced My Pregnancy:

How did you announce your pregnancy? Maybe it was pink and blue
cupcakes for dessert or a 'Baby on Board' tshirt at the family reunion... If you did it in a fun, creative or wacky way, we want to hear from you -- and you may be featured in an upcoming story. If you have a photo of the event, we'd love to see it, too!

Please send your story to Sarah Yang at and
include the following information (along with your story!):
Number of children
Your hometown

Thanks ladies!