Check-in for shopaholics/deal-chasers

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Check-in for shopaholics/deal-chasers
Wed, 09-29-2010 - 12:19pm

If I'm not accountable, this *buying only what is necessary* won't work for me!

Here's what I've bought since 9/21 (excluding food, which I feel I have a pretty good handle on.). All was necessary.

2 new bras---If you saw the condition & age of what I have, you would see this is a necessity, LOL! Taking into account how much I hate shopping and trying on stuff, just the fact that I even LOOKED at bras, let alone tried them on!, shows the dire need! Anyway, bought @ JCP on sale plus used $10 off coupon.

Dog collar---The plastic clip broke while we were out camping. Old collar, I'm sure the plastic was weakened. We rigged it for the weekend, but not sure how long that would hold up. New one has no plastic parts.

3 prs of dress socks & one pair of shorts---These are for 12ds and 14ds. Their feet have gotten too big for the old ones. Needed for orchestra concerts plus things like funerals. Hey, w/an almost 103yo grandmother, you have to be prepared for these things! As for the shorts, the boys have gotten taller so almost all of their shorts will be outgrown by next spring. Got all for $3.01 at Kohls. Had $10 Kohls cash that expires this weekend. The socks were $10 for pk of 3 and I found a pr of shorts for $2.80 on clearance. Plus I PASSED ON A DEAL---the socks were buy one pack, get 2nd pack 50% off.

MM, how are you doing?? Anyone else???


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Wed, 09-29-2010 - 2:57pm
I'm doing great! I have been buying groceries, but only what we actually need for the week, and not stocking the shelves with "great deals." I too bought some underwear last week at Kohls,