Electrophysiology Study ?

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Electrophysiology Study ?
Thu, 09-23-2010 - 12:13pm

It's been quite a while since I've posted here.

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Sun, 09-26-2010 - 8:44pm

I am not sure of this but can they also do a 30 day study?


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Tue, 09-28-2010 - 1:01pm

Trish, we've never had that done. Maybe they can do a week or two holter and see if it keeps happening? Though I guess just waiting for it to happen could be potentially dangerous as well. I hope the testing goes well, whatever you have done.

That's really interesting about the syndrome. Were they looking for that one in particular? Gabe had a FISH test when he was born and just had another test done in the spring. Nothing was found but he has similar issues: heart defect, vision issues, sensory processing issues, anxiety disorder, and Pica. I really feel like something is there but there's only so much testing they can do!