Florence is here!

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Florence is here!
Fri, 10-01-2010 - 6:38pm

Hi girls
I am so thrilled to announce that my baby girl came on her own after I spent hours trying to decide if I should go ahead and get induced as the OBs wanted me to, at or before 40 weeks..... long story but I was so perplexed as to what to do and finally decided just to go ahead and schedule the induction since I was always scared of losing this one (ever since the bloody fluid incident at the amnio). THen she came at 39w3d on her own, little rascal! She only took 3 hours of labor and it was great, no epidural and recovery is going great, I feel awesome (a little tired but not bad). She seems perfectly healthy. I could not be any happier and we are all so in love with her. I will post pics some time later but had to get on and tell you all, DH posted some pics on his FB account so I know some saw those but I will post some better ones soon.
Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes already, on FB.
I am so so so overjoyed to have my 5th baby. I feel complete. I never thought I would but I do. I now have this incredible urge to go out and buy things with my kids names on them, and get 5 of everything that match, like xmas stockings, towels etc. Before I never wanted to get stuff like that since what if they discontinued it before I had my last baby, ya know? So here I am, an official TOK mom. I am so so so thrilled. I love my baby and my four other kiddos!

Oh BTW we have no idea what to call her: Florence Louise (love it but a little long), Florrie, Florrie Lou, Weezy, or just Florence? what do you all like? We could use more than one but what should we call her most of the time? I can never figure this out.

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Fri, 10-08-2010 - 10:03pm

Congratulations! Watch out buying all that stuff, I did after my 4th and then we ended up adopting.

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Sat, 10-09-2010 - 12:05am

Congratulations Maggie and family!

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Sat, 10-09-2010 - 8:51am




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Sun, 10-10-2010 - 4:08pm

Congrats Maggie!!!

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Thu, 10-14-2010 - 8:58am

Congratulations!!!! what a beautiful name she had.


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Thu, 10-14-2010 - 11:55pm

Yay, congrats, Maggie! So happy for you that you feel complete and contented. I'm still driving myself nuts wondering if five is enough for us. I *think* I'm done but I don't feel that total certainty. I wish I did, since I'm old and another pg would be scary. Anyway, I'm so happy you had such a great birth, that's wonderful!