Coffee Break 9/27/10

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Coffee Break 9/27/10
Mon, 09-27-2010 - 6:40am
Good Morning! Just work this a.m. and then home to do laundry....boring! No plans for tonight, either! Dinner will be a taco casserole with corn bread.

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Mon, 09-27-2010 - 7:18am

Good Morning..I'll get everyone off to school soon, and then have some preparations to make for my first class tomorrow. I teach first grade religious ed. I also have to go to the dry cleaners and run some errands. I may not actually go running today- I'm sore from yesterday.

Dinner? probably roast chicken


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Mon, 09-27-2010 - 11:09am

it's late morning for me, not exactly a good one, my husband is grumpy at work, my uncle that we now live with is having ex wife and issues with his daughter who is almost 21.

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Mon, 09-27-2010 - 11:39am
Good afternoon.. This morning had to drive both the girls to school.. Home with Jack all day, he is sick with a head cold, and I am nursing myself back to health after coming down with mastitis friday afternoon.. Caelan has dance tonight, so dinner will be something quick when we get back such as pasta or soup and sandwiches.. Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Mon, 09-27-2010 - 3:35pm

Good afternoon! This morning