Prove it's Better?

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Prove it's Better?
Mon, 02-14-2011 - 2:53pm

What other substance do we eat that the natural, biological version must prove that it's better than the artificial, man-made version before anyone will eat it?

Do we have to prove that eggs are better than a powdered eggs?

Do we have to prove that oranges are better than Tang?

Why do we have to prove that BFing is better, for people to accept it might be the best choice for their baby?

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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 6:42pm
This is the point precisely!

Whenever we deviate from normal, we must prove firstly that it is safe and secondly that it is an improvement over what would happen with the status quo.

Formula can prove neither in the case of a fully functioning (in terms of lactation) mother-baby dyad. It is only an improvement or safer option if their are complicating factors. And even in those cases, if mom's own milk is not available, the safest supplementation option is the milk of another healthy lactating woman. Only when that is not available should formula be considered. (as per WHO guidelines.)
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Tue, 02-15-2011 - 11:28am

If you look at the history of how formula became poplar you can start to understand how our thinking about formula became some out of whack in terms of which feeding choice needs to prove itself. In any other circumstance we would expect the artificial choice to prove it as least equal the natural choice or at least label itself as for special circumstances. Take for example, a Tofurky, a soy based vegetarian turkey substitute.The manufacturer does not argues that it