How much does your child eat?

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How much does your child eat?
Tue, 08-09-2011 - 3:08pm

I've been lurking for a while, but thought I'd finally post since I'm completely at a loss on this one.

My daughter will be seven this month and seems to eat an enormous amount of food for a child her age.

Deb DD7.5, DS5, DS3, m/c 10/11, #4 due in Dec!
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Thu, 08-11-2011 - 11:19am
Hi Deb, welcome to the board! Sean is 7 also, and the amount he eats varies. Sometimes he seems to be a bottomless pit, other times he doesn't eat as much. I wonder if she just has a high metabolism? You could always ask the doctor to run a check on her thyroid if you are concerned, although she doesn't seem to have any symptoms of an issue other than eating a lot. You might try keeping a food journal so you can show them how much she is eating.

If she's eating healthy food with lots of fruits and veggies than she's probably okay. It doesn't hurt to check out a few things though.


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Mon, 01-09-2012 - 12:05pm
Hi there,
My 7 year old is a light eater and always has been. He's average height and is not very active, but is an average weight - not fat by any means. His older brother though, Justin, who is 8 is a big eater and is very active and is stil pretty thin - although I see him thickening out in the legs now. He is the one who we also wonder where he puts all his food that he eats. TBH, I've often wondered if he plays off our words. We often comment to him about where he puts it and how we don't worry b/c he's going to be a tall boy. His Papa and his uncle are 6'-3" and 6'-5" respectively. However, like I said, I think he plays off our words sometimes b/c I think he eats so a lot at some sittings shoveling food into his mouth when he's already full b/c he is trying to impress us. Those are the times when I find him laying across the couch minutes later in pain b/c he has eaten for two ... lol. He's a pretty busy guy, so I don't worry about him.
I'm sure your daughter has just got a high metabolism. Good for her!