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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 6:05pm
I know that this is quite a change for everyone, so below are some quick FAQs on the new board format. You might want to print it off to have as a reference until you are comfortable with the new format.

The Folders:

As you can see, there are several different areas/folders that you can post in. To post a message, click the “start a new discussion” button and there you go. Roll calls will be posted under Roll Calls, recipes under the Recipe Collection folder and so on… (as long as that appropriate folder is there).

Outline View:

To view the board in a format similar to what you are used to, Outline View shows the posts similar to the old boards. To get to the outline view, to the top left of the page, just under the search box is a link that says “Outline View”. Click on the link and a new window will open with all the posts. Posts directed to you, or posts of your own will be bolded, making it easier to see your posts and replies.

The Search Function:

As you might have noticed, we now have a search box. While it would be wonderful to be able to search for posts by member, the only results you will get are results that have what you're searching for in the body of the post not the discussion title/subject line. For example, if you type “apple” in the search box, all the posts that contain the word “apple” in the body of the message will show up.


To view the archives, click the “archive” link below the search box. These posts, as normal are still read only. However, as of today, boards will no longer archive. Every post from today until forever will remain active, live posts. Read more about this under “Floating”.


Posts will be now set up differently. The very top post in each folder is the post that is most active. It is the post that has been replied to most recently. The more in-active posts (the ones with no recent responses) will sit at the bottom of the list. This can actually be a good feature, for if you have posted something, and for some reason your post has gone unanswered, you can always go back to it and post a reply to yourself. This will make you post “float” back to the top and make it more visible to members again.

Your Profile:

You can now add more information about yourself in your profile!! (of course, that’s if you want to share it) Above the board title, there is a link to “your profile” click on that and your profile will open up in a new window. To change it, just click on the link “update profile” and make necessary changes.


One really cool thing about the new profiles is the avatars! To get to your avatar, open up "your profile", click “update”, and then click change image. From there, you’ll get a couple rows of different images to choose from. Just click on the image you want and you’re ready to go! Photos are reserved for Community Leaders and Community Moderators only.


As you might notice, all CL's have a picture of a yellow hat by their name. This is just makes it easier to distinguish Cl's from other members. All CM’s, that post, will have a blue hat by their name.


While you are reading someone’s post, you may notice that there is an option that says “add to friends” under their name on the left side of the screen. Click on that and they will be added to your friends list. This feature gives everyone on your friends list a little face with a blue hat icon by their name when they post. This way, you’ll be able to see when your friend has posted. To see your friends list, just go into your profile and click the tab that says “friends”.

Ignore Posts:

The ignore function is a good way to ignore posts from people who may hassle you and make rude comments. You can choose to put them on your ignore list by clicking “ignore posts” right under where you found the “add to friends” link. To take someone OFF of ignore, simply go into your profile, click the tab that says friends, and you can check off the people on your ignore list that you would like to remove.


Profiles display pages include an email link so members can email each other without seeing the email address. If members don't want to be contacted by other members via email, they can turn this functionality off by going to their “Board Settings”.

Editing a post:

What a great function!!! Not only can we edit a post before we post it (which we have always been able to do), but we can now edit our post even AFTER we have posted! To do so, on the right hand side of the screen beside your text there is a tan colored box. In this box, there is a link that says "edit". Click on that and you are ready to edit!

Formatting text:

No more long side scrolling!!!! You don't have to worry any longer about making sure you don't put a space before your text or have to skip lines so the text won't wrap, because it automatically formats it for you!

You can also view these links for more information:

"About the Board" page:


On-line tutorial, with visuals:


"Welcome to the New Boards" page:


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Great job, Donna!
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Thank you!