Tour Italy with the foodies!

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Tour Italy with the foodies!
Sun, 04-20-2003 - 6:04pm
Picture yourself in the grocery's salad dressing aisle. Can you guess which dressing was an impromptu combination of leftovers? Which one has a hotel named after it? Which one is a fish camp recipe? How many owe their origins to stage and screen stars? Join us Monday night in food chat, we are tossing it up to launch our week-long vacation in Italy! Monday is the first course: the humble salad. Tuesday Evita Louise will fill us in on some VERY Italian dishes. Wednesday we sort through the jungle of pastas and more. And Thursday we finish up with Antoni Kenwa's guided tour of Tuscany! Now, THAT'S ITALIAN! And we can't see you if you aren't there...Bummer!