Check your profile for icon availability

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Check your profile for icon availability
Sat, 04-26-2003 - 8:38am
If you've noticed the yellow hat by my name, that designates me as a can choose from a list of available icons to put by your name.

Click on BOARD SETTINGS, then scroll down to almost at the bottom and you'll see PERSONAL ICON and you can select from the ones there.

A little bit of perhaps helpful info that we encountered at another board. If your icon doesn't show up, back out of the board you are in and then get back into it. If it's still not there, go back and "edit" one of your posts -- it should show up then (you don't have to really add/edit your post but you can just add a period at the end or something). Then the little icon should be able to be seen by you.

We had someone on another board not be able to see hers for a while. I added mine, couldn't see it, and when I went back to edit my message to say I couldn't see it, then I saw it! AAAAHHHHH.


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