Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day
Sat, 05-10-2003 - 11:02am
I do realize that the title of this board is about Cooking from your pantry, and thus, from our mothers, we learned a lot about how to cook from our own pantries as we grew and moved out onto our own.

I hope you add to this, a story about something from your childhood that shows your love for your mother on this holiday season.

My story: When I was but 6 years old, having just started farming, there was a particular morning when one of the animals was about to give birth. Well, that was no place for a 6 year old to be, yet breakfast had already been started by my mother. I went into the house, into the kitchen, and told her of the situation in the barn. She proceeded very calmly to pull a chair up to the range, helped me to get up onto it in a standing position, checking that the chair would stand solid for me to do the new task, One I'de never done before in my life....watching the bacon cook.........the instructions were given, and I was told to follow them exactly, and to not leave that spot until my mother returned.....(1) Let the bacon begin to sizzle, turn it over, and allow it to continue for just ONE minute, (watch the clock for this). (2) Turn the burner temperature down to the lowest setting, and watch the bacon. (3) Don't leave this chair for anything because I want the bacon to be done right when I return from the barn.

Well, after following those instructions, letting it sizzle, turning over for a minute, reducing the heat to the lowest possible temperature, I stayed on that chair until my mother's eventual return......45 minutes had passed, and when she walked into the house, now full of smoke, the smell of burned bacon, and there I was, still perched on that chair, tears from the smoke running down my cheeks, not because the bacon was burned, but because of the sting in my eyes from the smoke.....She looked the scene over, and calmly removed the pan, noticing that the temperature had been indeed set at its lowest setting, then looked at the clock....She burst out laughing so hard as she opened up windows and the door to let the smoke out of the house, picked me up off the chair, and gave me the biggest hug....I'm sorry dear, I didn't realize I would be gone so long, but the animal had problems, and I had to help in the delivery of the baby. Go out and see the new addition, and when you get back, I'll have something special for you.

I again did as she said, spent a couple of minutes with the new baby animal, and upon returning to the house, bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice, and a slice of bread with strawberry jam on it....my favorite, and we weren't allowed bread by decree of my step father, so that bread with strawberry jam was my extra treat. Not much? It meant the world to me!

I love you MOM!


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 8:06am
Awe Mitch what a nice story! I have been thinking on this and I have to be honest - I do not have any cooking stories about me and my mother. I don't remember her ever showing me how to cook or even me helping her cook. It's amazing that I can cook and cook well when the mood strikes me! LOL! My mother had a very nice Mother's Day yesterday - my sister and I made her a very nice prime rib roast with au gratin potatos, fresh steamed green beans, salad and fresh strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.


Donna :-)