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Question Of The Week
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 7:09am
Which do you have more of in your pantry, dry goods or canned?


Since I consider the spices and dry legumes as dry goods, I'de have to say dry goods.


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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 7:44am
Well I have a zillion spices so I guess my answer is dry goods. LOL!

Have a great day!


Donna :-)

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 1:16pm
If cereals count as dry goods, then the winner is ... Dry goods! My sister-in-law buys tons of cereal, we have boxes everywhere!!! We could supply Chex mix for a very large party at a moments notice!!! :) Our canned goods are pretty impressive, too-soups and veggies galore! -V