**Around iVillage This Week 5/30

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**Around iVillage This Week 5/30
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 1:13pm
**Baby's Second Year -- Your Month-by-Month Guide


Use this monthly calendar to learn about your child's development during the second year of life. Plus, get great ideas for fun together-time activities, important safety and health information and simple ways to take care of yourself.

**New in Health

We have two new 10-Minute health checkups!

Is it time to take steps to feel better? 10-Minute Emotional Health Checkup http://www.ivillagehealth.com/features/checkups/pages/0,,577950_580789,00.html

Feet hurt? Don't ignore the pain! Take our 10-Minute Foot Pain Checkup http://www.ivillagehealth.com/features/checkups/pages/0,,579179_580833-1,00.html

**Quiz: Are You Ready to Settle Down?

Fixated on hunting down marriage-minded men? Or are you so anti-commitment that the word "engagement" makes you gag? Test your couple cravings with our new quiz.