**Around iVillage This Week 6/10

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**Around iVillage This Week 6/10
Thu, 06-12-2003 - 12:31am
**Vote for Cosmo's Cover Model Search Winner!

It's down to four contestants and the winning model will be featured on the cover of Cosmo's October issue.


**Are You at Risk for Severe Allergic Shock?

So many things in our environment can cause anaphylactic shock: latex, insect stings, medications. With summer here, why take the risk? You can learn about signs, symptoms, treatment and prevention tips in our new Severe Allergic Reactions Center: http://www.ivillagehealth.com/special/epipen/articles/0,11299,578101_580159,00.html Take the Severe Allergic Reactions Quiz Severe Allergic Reactions: Are You At Risk?


**Live Happily and Frugally

Yes, it is possible!

* Craft an easy budget that still lets you enjoy life


* Trim your grocery bills and still eat well


* Save on daily expenses with tips from the women in Tracking Our Spending


* Plus, find out if you're being taken advantage of with the Smart Shoppers Quiz