What kind of pantry would you like?

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What kind of pantry would you like?
Thu, 06-12-2003 - 10:26am

What kind of pantry would you like?

  • A full walk in with a light
  • One each for canned goods and dry goods
  • One that incorporates cool storage for root crops
  • Just enough for one person storage
  • Big enough to incorporate a freezer

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Thu, 06-12-2003 - 12:21pm
The "vote" feature is cool! Actually, I'd love just to have a big store-room with pantry stuff, freezers, and an extra fridge in there. Hate having to go to the garage to get in the freezer or the extra fridge. It was supposed to all fit in my "utility room" but we had to put in a false wall to house all the heating ductwork to the upstairs, so I lost my extra space for my freezer and fridge. :(

~ Joy

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Thu, 06-12-2003 - 1:01pm
Ummmm...all of the above please! -V
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Thu, 06-12-2003 - 2:09pm
I want the pantry my mom had! It housed both the utility room and a walk-in pantry closet. The freezer, washer, dryer and deep sink were in there, and the pantry shelves were deep enough to hold the humongous trays and kitchen gadgets mom had; plus, there was an adjacent full bath. That pantry was bigger than my (rather small) kitchen (10x10), LOL!

Alysia :o)

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Thu, 06-12-2003 - 10:42pm
I had to pick the big one where I could get a freezer and hide it in it.

Kim :o)

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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 7:49am
LOL Kim!

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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 9:48pm
We have one at work which is pretty cool. It is like a document compactor only small. So you undo the latch and the end cupboard swings out so you can reach down and get what you need (width of cupboard about 30 cm) and then you can shut it and swing out the other side to get what you need. Dry goods and cans. ONe each side. Lights in the bottom so you can see what you need. The top of the pantry is acutly a work banch. The hole thing sits in the middle of the floor: and it has wheels!


pleas excuse the cl hat. I am still trying to find my hat-less version. It didn't make the transition well to the ne boards, LOL.

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Sun, 06-15-2003 - 10:49am
great answers! I want a pantry I can keep a freezer in, I don't use canned goods, but I need lots of space for my commercial boilers, saucepans, hotel pans, china caps, huge strainers and mixing bowls. I have almost entirely restaurant equipment! My linen closet is full of it, and I built shelves in my laundry room to accommodate much of it, and one bedroom has many large baskets of wire whips and spring tongs and claw crackers and large buffet serving spoons. Did you know that professional spoons and spatulas come in male, female, and slotted? I would also like a pantry that could house my specialty knives on a magnet instead of in blocks. I have thought about mounting magnet strips inside the laundry room door (it's right next to my biggest work counter). I would also like space to house my large collection of specialty glassware and ceramic ware.