Picking your brains...

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Picking your brains...
Mon, 06-16-2003 - 11:44pm
I don't know if anyone gives a flying flip, but I am on for the summer in chat, provided Alysia got my message and put me on the chat docket. If she did not, I will be there anyway. I will have Rebel Cafe Mondays at 9 p.m. ET and Blue Plate Special at 9 p.m. ET Wednesdays until further notice. (like that's going to happen...LOL!)

Now I have a request from you and your imaginations. I am not representing any board in paticular anymore; I can take any topic or any board. Would you chat leaders or board members from anywhere on food channel like to have a featured topic? I am open to any suggestions, I only want to do this if it means something to you and pleases you. I have chatted here for years, and love what I get from you as members, and TRUST ME we will have a goat BBQ for July 4, but it is time to let YOU run chat for a while. What do you want to explore? Please just click on my name and send me an e-mail or drop me a line in recipe swap or regional, where I am as yet not quite an official host but lurk a lot.

Keep in mind, no topic is too offbeat for me; we have done everything from basic gravy, to alligator tail, to dumplings, molasses tragedies, poke salad, prime rib, pot roast, sweet taters, and crawdads on my chats. No limits. Please tell me what you want to see! I will be more than happy to accommodate, and you can have the credit for the idea!




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Tue, 06-17-2003 - 9:23am
LOL! No thanks, k-roni, I don't really care to eat brains...pig brains, monkey brains, or any kind of brains! (That's what the blue face is for!) Bwahaha!

Actually, when I saw the title of your post, I actually thought maybe you were referring to brains...as in breaded and pan-fried...like my mom and dad used to eat pork brains. Ick!! None for me, thanks!

Back to the topic at hand.....that's great that you're going to be doing chats again. I've always enjoyed the few times I've actually made it to any of the food chats. As for topic ideas...most anything is fun and fine with me!

~ Joy