Friday Thoughts:

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Friday Thoughts:
Fri, 06-20-2003 - 9:03am
This is coming up as the weekend of the first days of Summer for the Northern Hemisphere. With all the activities involved outdoors, and the love we share for cooking and entertaining, It's my hope that you all have a wonderful summer, and come by to share in your adventures, both good and those times that just don't turn out as you planned.

I've been back to fighting now with an attorney for transportation due to an automobile accident that occurred mid last month. This has not been a pleasant experience, and I'm sorry that I spent a couple of extra days just dealing with the repair facilities, attorney's, and the insurrance company through the attorney's and the state Insurrance commissioner. Things sure move slowly when we want things for ourselves and our families. I'm sure glad the accident didn't cause much physical damage to myself....I feel that I'de be caught in the middle on that too. OH well, such is life, and I sure am looking for much better days through the summer!

Here's a toast to a fantastic weekend for all of us!!!!! Salut