A funny story about freezing garden crop

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A funny story about freezing garden crop
Thu, 08-07-2003 - 9:25am
I am one who plants two tomato plants per year. This odd year though with my plants in early have me thinking of going to one.....yeah right....next year will be more normal for this area, and I won't get enough.

I've frozen 2 gallons of tomatoes already, given away a lot as well, but can find betwen 12 and 16 ripe tomatoes between just the two plants every day. I remember growing up with to many plants to keep up with, but just two????LOL.

We were inundated with so many green tomatoes to eat that now we are trying to figure out what to do with the ripe ones. I even had some last week that were splitting from all the rain. Thankfully now though the rains have subsided since Sunday, and we are only dealing with enough humidity to have completely wetted plants each morning.

Another odd thing....no local sweet corn even due to the wet weather of the spring into early summer drowning out all the local corn crops, even sweet corn. Prices of sweet corn around here are at winter prices, and none is to be found at farmer's markets, or along streets and roads in the county. What a funny year for crops and flower gardens even. Peppers are just now beginning to come on, but cucumbers and summer squash are bursting on the plants from how fast they've been growing, and way to much water in them. I'm not sure that we will get to make rellish this year even, unless I break down and make some from the green tomatoes still on the vines for me....family doesn't like green tomato rellish though.

Here's wishing all those who grow their own crops for canning, freezing, and dehydrating even, a great production year.