What Is Your Favorite Labor Day Meal

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What Is Your Favorite Labor Day Meal
Wed, 08-27-2003 - 10:55am

What Is Your Favorite Labor Day Meal

  • BBQ, got to be...
  • Hamburgers with all the fixins
  • Hotdogs, pies, and picnics
  • Anything I don't have to cook
  • I go out to eat at a restaurant for the holiday meal
  • Get out the grill, and go crazy with everything from meat to desert
  • On my diet, none of the above
  • Just bring the wine, and I'll eat whatever is on the menue

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Fri, 08-29-2003 - 3:46pm
Hopefull we will have much needed rain all weekend! I am marinating lemon rosemary chicken (with my fresh herbs of course!) and think I will grill some red potatoes too. Dessert is usually homemade ice cream YUM.

Normally we would have a bbq with brisket, burgers and dogs but with the rain (hopefully) coming it will just be us. I look forward to a nice rainy weekend, we need it so very much.