Aromas vs. Extract

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Aromas vs. Extract
Mon, 01-12-2004 - 9:08pm
Not sure which board to ask, but can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the vanilla, lemon, etc. extracts for baking and the little tiny container vanilla "aromas" they are called that are made by Dr. Oetker and I find at a German deli?

Thank you!
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Tue, 01-13-2004 - 8:14am

Welcome vickieley!

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Wed, 01-14-2004 - 5:27pm
Wow, didn't know those existed!
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Thu, 01-15-2004 - 8:21am
Vickie, those aromas are definetly for food flavors. We Germans use them for baking mostly. What I am not really sure about is quantity. I never used the American extracts ;)

If you want to be on the safe side - use very little aroma. 1-2 drops for an entire cake e.g.

These aromas are really intense!


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Thu, 01-15-2004 - 3:09pm

Hi, Viocky - I just answered your question on the Baking board.

1/4 tsp of Dr. Oetker's Aromas = 1 tsp of other flavoring extracts.

In case anyone else is reading - Dr. Oetker developed his aromas/extracts for baking following studies conducted in Germany about how we are stimulated by smell.

Hope this helps!