Do you own a crock pot/slow cooker, a...

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Do you own a crock pot/slow cooker, a...
Tue, 02-24-2004 - 7:57am

Do you own a crock pot/slow cooker, and how often do you use it?

  • Yes. Regularly
  • Yes Not very often
  • Yes. At least I don't think we've thrown it away yet
  • No. Those outdated things aren't for me
  • No. I'de love to get one though, with all the changes they've made to them

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Tue, 02-24-2004 - 8:25am

I have 3 crock pots.

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Wed, 02-25-2004 - 8:42am

There you go Joy, a pic a "guy" can enjoy....nice pic of the john deere...ooh, and the kids are sure growing too...LOL

Nice of you to share your family and home life with us all here too!

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Thu, 02-26-2004 - 3:20pm
I have a two crock pots and a "Chef's Pot" that is a combination slow cooker, deep fryer, and stew pot.

hunk 'o, hunk 'o burnin' heartburn!