Food for "thought"???

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Food for "thought"???
Wed, 04-14-2004 - 8:57am

One you love, or yourself has just had all teeth pulled from the top of their mouth, and down to just the incisors on the bottom.....what do you fix for them to eat during the healing time.

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Wed, 04-14-2004 - 3:21pm
Chicken soup, you can puree the vegetables, get the

chicken bits really tiny, and make very small dumplings

to keep it interesting. Chowders. Lentil soup, again you

will want to overcook those lentils. Pureeing the soup

is an option.

You can still serve pasta but you'll want to overcook it

a little. no more of this 'al dente' nonsense. Manicotti

or spaghetti is still an option. Lasagna is probably still

too chewy.

Bananas would be served a little riper than what we're used

to. Cream of wheat and malto meal for breakfast.

Smoothies are good.

Bread pudding, custards, pies without the crust: pumpkin,

lemon or lime. cheesecake. dh likes his cake in a bowl with

milk poured over it, barbaric but useful in this case.

Quiche, especially with spinach. Getting those leafy greens may

be a challenge. Yams or squash

Yyletha, hoping there's something here you can use

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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 5:20am

To make sure of getting enough veggies serve creamy soups like cream of broccoli, carrot or pea.


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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 9:03am

Just to let you know....I let Dw read your list....she thinks she loves you!

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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 9:10am

The only vegie I can get her to eat that's that "soupy" is broccoli, so that would work very well...and she wouldn't have to know how much chopping up I did first..LOL.

We already have beef broth saved, from when I do roasts...yep, it jells up pretty well..

Thanks Elaine!

Found out we get to play this game for over a much jaw work above the teeth that he only removed one side, and will remove those stitches next week, then the rest of the teeth in upper jaw in two...then decide what to do with her lowers....he wants to fill them, she wants them just gone.

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Fri, 04-16-2004 - 6:23pm
Oh dear, Mitch!
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Tue, 04-20-2004 - 3:57pm
I was thinking about you today, and wondered how some

gazpacho would be. I found three recipes at this site.

and then I got to thinking meatball soup, which i found here:

Hope you're doing ok. Yyletha