Food style: Do you have a specific s...

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Food style: Do you have a specific s...
Tue, 04-20-2004 - 7:36am

Food style: Do you have a specific style or regional flavor in your cooking?

  • Cajun
  • European
  • Eastern
  • Meat and potatoes, American
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Vegetarian
  • Several please, Please post
  • Mine isn't listed: Please post

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Tue, 04-20-2004 - 7:07pm
I really love anything oriental but I also love mexican, Italian, Greek, German, Oh all right!
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Fri, 04-23-2004 - 5:09pm

Is "Eastern" to encompass Eastern European, East Indies, Eastern/Oriental (Occidental), Middle Eastern

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Sun, 04-25-2004 - 8:58am
I'd say I'm


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Thu, 04-29-2004 - 9:17am
I don't see Southern listed but Cajun is close enough to my cooking to describe it!
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Tue, 05-11-2004 - 12:50pm
Mostly mediterranean-style--lots of seafood, olive oil, nuts, veggies, beans, and whole grains. Chicken a couple times a week, I don't cook red meat at home. Venturing into some Middle Eastern and Indian-style foods (excluding the mountains of rice). My favorite style was always Americanized Italian, but blood sugar issues dictate that large portions of pasta and all bread is off limits.