What do you use for summertime proble...

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What do you use for summertime proble...
Thu, 06-24-2004 - 10:06am

What do you use for summertime problems/boo boo's? (yep, it's officially summer)

  • Oatmeal baths for sunburn
  • Vinegar for sunburn
  • Baking soda for stings and burns
  • Baking soda for campfire flare ups
  • Quick oats for bee stings
  • Instant potatos for stings
  • some of the above
  • None of the above, they're all old wives tales
  • I stock up on medications for such, nothing from the pantry
  • Other items as well, Please post

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Fri, 06-25-2004 - 7:30pm

You forgot ammonia for bee stings.


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Sat, 06-26-2004 - 12:58pm
I used to make lavendar vinegar and I loved to take baths with it.
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Mon, 06-28-2004 - 8:12am
LOL now are all those really true! I use Aloe for burns, for bee stings well I've heard of the mud but we don't really use anything. Just clean them, for dh he has to take something as he is allergic to bees.