Am I the only one?

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Am I the only one?
Thu, 03-04-2010 - 3:45pm

I may have asked this before but am I the only one that does not like the George Foreman grill?

Del thought we needed one a couple years ago and got one that don't have a temp control and has a bun warmer on top....that I have never used.....

My probem with them is the cleaning...and remembering to use that drip tray.....hate it...

Everyone says just take a paper towel and wipe them down when you are done....that is all the cleaning you need.....I did that.

The next time I plugged it in it smelled like very old whatever was on there before...yes it looked clean but it wasn't, it couldn't have that time I took it over to the sink and as I picked it up right under the front of it was just full of grease....I turned it over and it looked like I dipped it in something.....and the stuff I was cooking was not that wonder the tray didn't have much in it it all ran under...... Del said that maybe it wasn't level so he set it the next time.....didn't I take it over to the sink set it with the grill running toward the sink put on some soap and use a brush and scrup the heck out of it....when I am done with the top and the bottom I turn it over and quicky do the bottom so not to get much water inside it.....then I prop it up on the counter overnight to let it drain......

It is a beast to clean.....and Del said I am getting water in it and it will quit working... I can only hope...... Other people have that smell in theirs too but they deny it. I think they are a waste of money, time and my

It seems that this is only my opinion since everyone I tell that to think I am nuts....I on the other hand think I am not eating at their house when they don't wash their

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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 4:48pm

I agree its a hassle to clean, but it is convenient for when I don't want to have to wait for DH to get home for fire up the grill in the back yard. Which he is crazy enough to do in the middle of winter, but that means its so cold he doesn't stay and watch the meat, so 99% of the time, it gets burnt. Well, it does in the summer too, cause its too hot for him to stay outside and watch it. Ok, that turned into a little rant, sorry.

I have also used mine to make a pannini, :)

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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 7:51pm

I have never bought into the George Foreman grill craze.

hunk 'o, hunk 'o burnin' heartburn!