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Mad Gab Answers
Thu, 06-05-2003 - 11:11am
Sorry I'm so late... but I think you got most of them anyway... here's the answers:

1. Owl Frayed Hose Hoss - Alfredo Sauce

2. I Pull Chews - Apple Juice

3. Hue Bed Chirp Hoots - You bet your boots!

4. Onus Gale Firm Won Toot Hen - One a scale from one to ten

5. Pretty Share Weighs - British Airways

6. Hike Up Hull Comb Egg Sicko - Alcapulco, Mexico

7. Jog Clay Die Scream - Chocolate Ice Cream

8. Sioux Punk Rack Hearse - Soup and Crackers

9. Dawned Rink Hand Arrive - Don't Drink and Drive

10. Noggin Hock Ooze Their - Knock Knock, who's there?

11. Pray Parade Shun Age - Preparation H

12. Haul Mull Own - Home Alone

13. Up Eats Up Lays - A Pizza Place

14. Us Lope Oak - A Slow Poke

15. Mayor Itch Maiden Evan - Marriage made in heaven

16. Loose Eerie Car Doe - Lucy Ricardo

17. Skin Need Hip Ink - Skinny Dipping

18. Ray Dissolve They Law Stark - Raiders of the Lost Ark

19. Lay Dissolve Thin Height - Ladies of the Night

20. Backed Ooze Queer Won - Back to Square One

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