Answers to Tuesday Trivia

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Answers to Tuesday Trivia
Sat, 07-05-2003 - 6:11pm
1. Do you know the difference between a watch and a warning? (ex. tornado watch or warning)

Watch means Watch the Sky. Warning means TAKE COVER!

***Watch means the conditions are favorable for development. Warning means the weather has been spotted - tornado, flood, etc, although it's different with tropical storms and hurricanes. I'll have to double check on that part.

2. What's the difference between a tornado and a funnel cloud?

A tornado is a tightly spinning column of air in contact with the ground beneath a thunderstorm cloud.

A funnel cloud spins in mid-air without touching the ground.

To tell the difference between a funnel cloud and a tornado, look for swirling dust or debris near the ground under the funnel. If present, then a tornado is occurring.

3. Rain is typically associated with which, a high or a low pressure system?

Stormy weather is often associated with low pressure systems.

4. What is the categorizing factor between a tropical depression, tropical storm and a hurricane? (i.e. what is the difference between them, generally speaking)

I almost couldn't find this one!

Tropical disturbance, tropical wave -- Unorganized mass of thunderstorms, very little, if any, organized wind circulation.

Tropical depression -- Has evidence of closed wind circulation around a center with sustained winds from 20-34 knots (23-39 mph).

Tropical storm -- Maximum sustained winds are from 35-64 knots (40-74 mph). The storm is named once it reaches tropical storm strength.

Hurricane -- maximum sustained winds exceed 64 knots (74 mph).

*** Generally speaking, it's wind speed.

5. How many categories of hurricanes are there?


1 - minimal damage, winds 74-95 mph, storm surge 4-5 feet.

2 - moderate damage, winds 96-110 mph, storm surge 6-8 feet.

3 - extensive damage, winds 111-130 mph, storm surge 9-12 feet

4 - extreme damage, winds 131-155 mph, storm surge 13-18 feet.

5 - catastrophic damage, winds 155+ mph, storm surge 18+ feet

6. What state is the lightning capital of the US (or continental US)?


So how many did y'all get right?

Hope y'all enjoyed!


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