H&P has a challenge for you!!

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H&P has a challenge for you!!
Sun, 07-20-2003 - 3:41pm
"How do we enjoy the summer? Let us count the ways....Can we find AT LEAST 25 different ways to make the summer more bearable? Come on over to the H&P board and post your ideas. Our challenge is to see who can come up with the most outrageous (sp?) or fun idea to enjoy the summer and win a prize! But wait, there's more!! We will also have a prize for the "lucky post". We have randomly selected a number, and whoever posts on that number , will also win a prize.

And there's a special challenge for you cl's! Your challenge will be to come up with the best summer recipe. Best one will get a prize. So come to the H&P and post your recipes!!

You can start posting this Monday and the challenge will go on all week. If we reach the 25 posts we will go ahead and announce the winners the next Monday (28), otherwise, we will wait until Friday (Aug.1st); and if we get more than 25 posts, we will have TWO "lucky post" prizes. And don’t forget, we’re also having our annual Christmas in July. Come share Christmas ideas, recipes, and crafts with us!

HAVE FUN and invite all your friends!!

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