Elvis Celebration Down Below!!!

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Elvis Celebration Down Below!!!
Fri, 08-15-2003 - 9:02am
Let's all post recipes in the RECIPE COLLECTION area down below that Elvis loved or would love if he were still with us today! Tomorrow is the 26th anniversary of his death... hard to believe it's been that long. I remember watching all the coverage on the television during the day that he died and then that night after I went to bed, i cried myself to sleep... everyone was so sad... it was so depressing, he died at the same age that I am right now.. 42 ... but, let's not be sad, THE KING wouldn't want us to be sad... let's celebrate his life and his love of food....

*** Daisy ***

PS: You can also post any memories you have of Elvis.....(but do that up here in the General Discussion area)

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