Where this Arkie c' c' cooks! ......

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Where this Arkie c' c' cooks! ......
Sat, 08-30-2003 - 8:44pm
Well, in another post I was whining about my deck surface being messed up, and I got to thinking I'd just show y'all where I am and where I attempt to "cook"!(lol)

This was a little page I posted about the projects my hubby and I worked on over the summer.


The photos are kinda fuzzy, but then so am I!


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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 8:24am
Dang girl... your place looks GREAT! It's just beautful. I didn't know Arkansas could look so pretty! LOL I went there about 10 years ago for my husband's family reunion and I didn't see anything that looks like your place! We were in Jonesboro. Thank you for posting this... i really liked looking... does that make me voyeur?? OH my.....

*** Daisy *** (blushing)

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Tue, 09-02-2003 - 2:11pm
Holy Heck girl! You've been busy. Everything looks great though!

Big hugs,


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Tue, 09-02-2003 - 4:23pm
What is that I see.....a UK blue bench!! I love it.

Tracy (go Cats, even though they got humiliated Sunday)

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