QOTD- for Wednesday and Thurday

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QOTD- for Wednesday and Thurday
Wed, 09-10-2003 - 7:30am
I am doing a QOTD for 2 days since I think a lot of people are going to jump in to answer- hear that lurkers, I want YOU ;-). Since tomorrow is 9/11, tell us your story. Where were you when you heard the news? Anything you want to share or reflect on about that date is fine.

My DS was due on 9/11/01. Both my kids were pre-planned c-section babies (she was breech the whole pregnancy and I chose not to attempt a vaginal with DS) and that was his scheduled delivery date. Two weeks before that date the doctor said DS was bigger than he had thought he would be, so to make sure I didn't go into labor, he moved the delivery up to 9/7. I got released from the hospital on the evening of 9/10 (2 years ago today). I had been home only about 15 hours when my mom called to tell me what was going on. DD was watching Playhouse Disney and they don't break for news LOL. The magnitude of how huge that was was lost on me. I was having nursing issues with DS and it wan't until the second tower fell that I really grasped what had happened. I have a big bent-wood rocker in the bedroom that I retreated to. DD was 2 at the time and we didn't want her watching the news. Since I was up round the clock with a few day old baby, I sat glued 24 hours a day to that bedroom TV, sitting in that rocker. I watched everthing I could. I sat and cried my eyes out for the families of the missing, and hugged that baby just a little bit harder.


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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 8:18am
My DH and I had just gotten married on 9/8/01 and I had scheduled a doctor appointment for 9/11 for a confirmation of pregnancy test with Sophie. Then we were supposed to leave on our honeymoon on 9/12/01 (my 25th birthday). Ben and I were listening to a CD all the way to the doctor so we hadn't heard anything until we got to the doctor's office. What a day to find out we were expecting our first. I was so thrilled but so scared to bring a baby into this world when all this was going on. Of course we couldn't leave on our honeymoon to Hawaii and didn't end up making it there until December.

May God bless America and all of us always and during the next few weeks.



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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 9:30am
I was at work and one of my co-workers came in and asked if we had heard about the plane crash in New York. We (my office mate and me) hadn't so we turned on the radio, then my phone rang and it was my husband asking me if I had heard too. He was out of work and home with my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter was at her high school. I don't think I really got that much done that day at work because we kept listening for updates. My daughter & husband seen the 2nd plane hit and then later, both towers fall on the television. While here at work, I didn't really realize the magnitude of it until I got home and watched it on the television... i was just sick. I could not get it out of my mind. I kept thinking about the people inside the building and then all the people who had loved ones missing... and then the people who talked to their loved ones on cell-phones in the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. The more I heard, the more depressed and sad i became. Finally, I just had to turn it off for my own well being. I know that sounds selfish, but i just felt like I couldn't take it any more.

I still grieve for those who were lost and my sympathies are still with the loved ones left behind. I will be thinking of them a lot this week but I do not know how much television i will watch about it.

*** Daisy ***

PS: My husband knew it was BinLaden who did this the day it happend.... he keeps up on that sort of thing and we had lots of conversations about him before this.

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 12:08pm
Tracy, and Em - - I sure feel for you two - - it must have been so frightening bringing a child into this world when that first happened. You both are strong women. xoxo

I was sitting at the table eating a late breakfast and having my coffee watching CNN as usual. I could not believe what was happening - - I called my husband and he came home from work and we watched the tv the entire day. We were so frightened that the end of our world was coming. We wondered whether we were safer since we live in a little town in Arkansas....we thought Everybody was at risk. We were so sad for all those families who lost loved ones. We kept thinking more was going to happen. The plane that went down in the field due to the brave souls who saved the lives of who knows how many - those are the heroes. The next morning when I woke up I really thought it was a bad dream. When I realized it was not a dream, it was so depressing. I know that this brought about an awakening of patriotism, but, it definitely made me feel a lot of apprehension about what this world was coming to. I pretty much stopped watching as much television after that. A good thing, tho, is that I started living a Lot more in the NOW. My prayers go out to all who lost loved ones in that disaster.


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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 1:32pm
I was still in bed when my daughter called and told me to watch the news, that our country was being attacked, I got up and sat glued to the TV. We are on the west coast so our time was 3 hours behind New York. My other daughter had gone to Cancun and was stuck down there longer (what a shame) until flights were aloud back into the country. My son was also stuck in Chicago until flights resumed, he works for Southwest airlines so he got on one of the first flights back to Arizona.

God Bless America, Barb

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 3:55pm
I was at work (in the office I work at with Mom three days a week) making my rounds tracking down case workers to get info on cases when one of the workers - Jimmy, said his wife had called and said a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I didn't think anything of it. I didn't know planes weren't supposed to be in that area and I thought it was just a small 1 or 2 seater and it was a small accident. So I went about my business. Then a few minutes later I had to call one of our other offices and was told a helicopter had crashed at the Pentagon. I figured it was just transporting some military people, so I didn't think anything of that either and I didn't think the two were connected. Then I think Mom buzzed me and told me another plane had hit the other tower. About that time someone came and got the tv out of the confernence room across the hall from my office and Mom buzzed me to come up and see the tv in her boss's office. We all stood there, all the case workers and me, watching. I just remember thinking "I've been there (in '96) . This dosen't happen to places I've been!"

Mom started freaking out. Her best friend's dh is a pilot for American and at least one of the planes was AA. So she tries to call her friend at work and leaves a message for her to call her back. Meanwhile, we find out about the missing plane that ended up being the one in PA. Mom continues to freak out. When Sandra calls back we find out that Jim wasn't even flying that day, thank God. Then Mom starts to freak out about my brother who was at boot camp at Ft. Benning for the Guard. I try to reassure her. "Mom, he's only in BASIC. If they were gonna call anybody up, he'd be the absolute last person they'd call." It dosen't help much.

I think I was in a daze all day long. We stayed glued to the tv for almost an hour, I think and then slowly went back to our offices, but left the tv on for the next couple of days. Everybody had their speakerphone radios on listening to ABC news. I had to work, so I trudged along. Later I find out that the governor has ordered all schools and colleges closed and for everybody to go home at noon. Normally that would mean me too, but as luck would have it, I had two clients scheduled for an appt. that afternoon that I couldn't reschedule, so I had to stay.

Then coming home, I had to get gas b/c I was out and *everybody* was getting gas. I remember stuff by the wierdest things. I remember the next night dh and I went to town and the song "It's not easy to be me" came on the radio. I remember thinking how I'd once dreamed of working in a big important place like the WTC. I remember how every song seemed different, like I knew another meaning to them. I'd never think of anything the same ever again.

And I know this was way more than you asked for Tracy, but I'll continue.

The next week I was scheduled to be off the entire week on vacation and then some. One day that week I went to get my hair done and then to the mall. I wondered around in shock and fog, like many others, I suspect, still trying to digest all this and wondering what would happen next. I went into a store that had been one of my favorites and for the life of me couldn't remember why it was my favorite. I knew there was a reason, but I couldn't remember it. I went through a box of stuffed animals over and over again, not seeing them and not realizing what I was doing until the salesgirl asked me if there was a specific one I was looking for. I said no and left. Our campus network was hit by a virus that week and email was down and we weren't supposed to access it. I thought that meant even me at home doing by remote, so I called every day twice a day for about 3 days until it hit me that it was safe to access the email at home on my computer as long as I didn't open anything suspicious. I hadn't found iV yet, but I still desperately needed some kind of connection to the outside world other than tv.

The end of that week dh and I were scheduled to take our first camping trip together. I asked him a couple of days before if we should cancel or not, considering what had happened. He said no and said it with such confidence that it made me feel better, so we went and kept the radio on all the time.

Anyway, this got way too long. Sorry.

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 4:17pm
Don't you worry about getting too long. I truely think that letting emotions out about things such as this helps. This is the type of response I had in mind.


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