Sorry I didn't keep up this summer.

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Sorry I didn't keep up this summer.
Wed, 09-10-2003 - 2:12pm
I'm a bad bad girl. I posted a wake up call in June saying post and read at least once in awhile then I desert the board and go be busy. Good intentions and horrible follow thru! Forgive me?

Lets see other than work this summer this is my summer readers digest version. Expensive! First with school out daycare went way up! $600/month. Had problems with the new daycare. They ask the kids if they want to eat if they say no they don't even get served. Now my child will say no I'd rather play but if you serve her she'll eat it. I paid for her to eat there!! Ah I loved that she wouldn't have to eat breakfast quickly at home before going...she could eat there.... but she wasn't! I caught her and said fine you'll eat at home... daycare oh well we can't force the kids to eat. True but how about serving them? Oh well if they don't eat it... it's a waste of food ya know. Grrr! Oh school has started and she's not going there! Thermostat broke, $200. My car got backed into at the county fair. $2,000 (insur covered) Oil change. Then the freezer broke so we got a new one (G'ma did for $600 frost free!) Then G'mas U-Joint went out and she had to get new tires too. Then just last week, hole in my radiator hose. Had to be towed and fixed $115 for a hose not even 6 inches long! AHH!!! Throw in a few camping trips, trips to the beaches and that's about it. Lots of fun but lots of headaches. How was your summers?

I'm excited for fall and all the warm yummy comfort food!! Mmmmm!

Hugs, Nicky

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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 2:16pm
Great to hear from you. What a bummer all those car expenses. We slowed some during the summer, but seem to be building up steam for the cooler months. Keep in touch.


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