A bit of Peanut Butter info...(g)...

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A bit of Peanut Butter info...(g)...
Wed, 09-24-2003 - 11:21am
Just looking around at the Food Reference site and thought this was interesting....


Developed in 1890 by a St. Louis doctor for his patients with bad teeth. It was promoted as a health food at the St. Louis Exposition 14 years later, but the oil separated from the grainy solids. In 1933, a California packer was able to homogenize the peanuts into a stable butter - "Skippy Churned Peanut Butter".

Peanut butter accounts for over half of U.S. peanut production, and Americans eat almost 7 pounds of peanuts and peanut butter per capita.

People who become hysterical when peanut butter sticks to the roof of their mouth have 'arachibutyrophobia'.

It takes about 550 peanuts to make a 12 ounce jar of creamy peanut butter.

Creamy peanut butter is preferred on the East Coast, Chunky on the West Coast.

The Jif plant in Lexington, Kentucky is reportedly the largest peanut butter factory in the world.

Peanut butter's high protein content draws moisture from your mouth. That's why it sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Peanut butter is uniquely American - most of the rest of the world just doesn't understand it at all.

Email 5/27/2003


On your site I read about the fact that peanutbutter is (almost) uniquely American.

Well, almost indeed.

In the Netherlands peanut butter is as much part of our culture as baseball is part of yours. Virtually every 'Cheesehead' grew up with it. To my best knowledge we are the second-largest peanutbutter consumers per capita.

The most famous brand which has almost become a synonym for peanutbutter is Calvé. The second best selling brand is Albert Heijn, which is the house brand of the largest supermarket chain.

Lots of people (including myself) prefer to sprinkle sugar on the

peanutbutter. This prevents it from sticking to your pallet. Good tip for arachibutyrophobiacs...

Oddly, in the Netherlands it is called 'pindakaas', which, literally

translated, means 'peanut cheese'. We have yet to find out why they dubbed it 'cheese', butter does seem more logical. The more so since most foreign names also speak of 'butter' or 'spread' -type of words.

So, maybe you'll want to mention the Dutch peanutbutteritarianism in the

peanutbutter section. Would be nice. Nice site anyway!

Greetings from Holland,

Peter Beemsterboer

Note: The only mention of actual numbers I have seen, indicate that annual peanut butter consumption in the Netherlands is about 1/2 pound per person. I have not been able to verify that number. Chef James.

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Wed, 09-24-2003 - 8:50pm

"The world's largest pb factory is in Lexington"....I didn't know that, and that's my hometown.

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