Anything special on the table tonight?..

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Anything special on the table tonight?..
Thu, 10-09-2003 - 10:48am

Okay, anybody fixing a new recipe?

Any take-outs or dinner out?

Anybody skipping dinner? (vbg)

Anybody already eat dinner?(lol)

What cha doing on a thursday night?


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Thu, 10-09-2003 - 10:52am

It has been tradition in our home that on Thursday, we eat dinner with Survivor on the TV....therefore, we have always tried to be considerate and just eat fish (cause they could also eat fish(vbg)).

However, tonight I happen to be really in the mood for having Breakfast for dinner.

So, tonight, we are going to have eggs and sausage and pancakes.

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Thu, 10-09-2003 - 12:41pm

I think I'm going to order pizza tonight and hopefully I can talk my husband into watching Survivor with me.

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Thu, 10-09-2003 - 4:57pm
Well, ya'll have convinced will be pizza tonight...hold the fungus please! LOL! Probably pepperoni, green peppers and onions!