No Dr appt after all, update and triggs

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No Dr appt after all, update and triggs
Fri, 02-05-2010 - 10:39pm

The new pdoc cancelled my appt and it has been resheduled for the 23, reallly looking forward to getting seen.

I am see sawing between mania and depression and would really like to get off the roller coaster here. The one thing that scares me the most is that I have a constant thought that my kids would be better off without me as a Mom. I keeping thinking that they got the short end of the stick when they ended up wiht me as a mom. Just really bad places.

We are looking at moving again in the next few months and I am a little stressed out, I mean I just found a new pdoc and we are possibly uprooting again, not fun times.

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Sun, 02-07-2010 - 1:33am
Hi Thau, I was a long time member and have returned recently. I always go to this page because I am a mom of 2 bi polar teens and my mom was bi polar. As of now it skipped me, although at times I think it didnt. I watch my self for symptoms. I also live with a bi polar man whom is my youngest childs father. I can tell you for one that your kids are NOT better without you or with another mom. I didnt understand my moms manic or depression when I was younger however I completely understood later in life and regretted anything I did that might have not been helpful to her ( my brother and I have talked extensively about this). I also know how it is not to have a Pdoc at your disposal and maybe moving as I go thru all this with my lil ones dad. I dont really know your story so Im sorry if Im stepping on your toes by saying that I can relate, but at times an outsider can relate more than a person who is in the middle of it or going thru it. I spend many a sleepless night with my teen, my other teen has moved out ( she is 20), but Im still her support system and help keep her grounded at times. Keep your chin up ok, one day at a time is what I tell them and have to live by that standard myself. Feel free to vent or cry at times, you have a beautiful family, and they are yours regardless. godbless and keep us posted.
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Mon, 02-08-2010 - 10:39am


Sorry your appt was cancelled. I know how much that sucks when you need to see someone and you are feeling so horrible emotionally. Your kids did not get the short end of the stick...I promise you that. They have a great mom who is human and has problems of her own to handle. Kids should realize threir parents are not perfect. Seeing that also helps them see you fight to get through things, which then teaches them when they have issues they can fight through them as well. My dd was upset with me sometimes as she was growing up....seeing me depressed a lot. She has told me now, that she is glad she grew up the way she did. She said I taught her how to fight, how to deal with a crisis, even though it was not stable at the time. She told me she is who she is today because of her parents' good parts and negative parts. She is thankful. I believe your kids will be fine and learn from what they see and go through. So, please hang in there and do not give up.

That sucks that you may be moving once again. That makes it difficult to feel settled...I know.

     ~ Tina ~