Help! Need recipe from Good Housekeeping

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Help! Need recipe from Good Housekeeping
Tue, 10-14-2003 - 3:49pm
Can you help me??? You know those annoying thick paper ads that are in the magazines pages? Well I go through them and rip them out and throw them away before I will read the magazine, but I ripped out part of a recipe on with an ad for Dominoes sugar. Didn't realize this until it was too late, while I was organizing some new recipes.

It's for a brown sugar cake with rum sauce. I have the whole cake recipe, but for the sauce I have the ingrediants, but missing most of the recipe, and it seems to be specific (from what I can read) for the amount of time you have it doing certain things (like boiling) and washing sugar from the side of the pan. If I wing it I'm probably going to flub it.

It's not a recipe I can get from the magazine on line because it's from an ad.

I looked on Dominoes site on-line and couldn't find it there either.

Hoping one of you can help me out and give me the instuction part of the rum sauce.

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 4:07pm

Welcome Laraber - - I can certainly understand your frustration.

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 10:07pm

This is on the Domino Sugar web site.

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