Christmas Wine Recipe. Mine is on now!!!

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Christmas Wine Recipe. Mine is on now!!!
Mon, 10-20-2003 - 5:07pm
Though some of you would like to make some easy wine for Christmas so I am posting this recipe. I have done this method in the past, its easy to do and if you make it now, you will have "hootch" for Christmas and New Years. I have one Blackberry gallon bottled and brewing as well as one gallon of Grape in the bucket now which I will transfer in about 7 days to another glass jug with airlock. So here is a recipe and if you have any questions, you can email me "> and I will do my best to help you out. Good Luck!

Fruit Wine Recipe

You can use any fruit for this recipe.


Camden Tablets (sterilizer) available at wine supply store.

1 - 11 litre (2 or 3 gallon) Ice Cream Pail

5 feet of clear surgical tubing available at hardware stores

Stainless steel pot large enough to boil one gallon of water

Long handled spoon for stirring and One package of Lavlin yeast or any wine yeast.

One 1kg (2 pounds) box of white sugar.

One Airlock to cap one gallon glass jug.

Instructions for One Gallon:

Crush 2 camden tablets and add to one gallon of hot water - stir (Sterilizing solution and can be kept in a clean 4 litre milk jug)

Wash ice cream bucket with hot soapy water, rinse well.

Rinse Ice cream pail again with sterilizing solution (Camden tablets and water.

Wash and rinse 1 to 2 pounds of fruit removing stems etc.

Place fruit into clean sterilized Ice cream bucket and crush by hand.

Boil one gallon or 4 litres of water. Add sugar and stir to desolve.

Add boiling water and sugar to bucket with fruit, mix well.

Cover with lid and let stand until it reaches room temperature.

At room temperature, add one package of yeast.

Stir daily for 5 to 7 days. The fruit will float on top and you will see lots of small bubbles as it ferments. You can also hear it bubbling if you listen to the side of the bucket.

7th day: Syphon wine from bucket into a clean and sterilized One gallon glass jug leaving about 1 inch left on the bottom of the bucket.

Fill jug to about 2 inches from the top. Apply air lock.

Let sit until finished fermenting.